Health Certificates

International & Domestic Health Certificates

​​​​​​​Planning to transport your pets or other animals within the U.S. or internationally? If so, you will likely need a health certificate. Health certificates may be required to transport animals from one area to another or for animals to participate in certain events, such as specific shows, rides, or sales. These pre-entry requirements help to ensure that the animals being moved do not carry illnesses or parasites that would be harmful to the people or animals that are in the destination area or that are participating in the same event.

In addition to meeting various physical health criteria and depending on the species, age, origin, destination, and purpose of travel, the animals to be moved may need to have certain tests, treatments, vaccinations, or other procedures done before they qualify for inclusion on a Health certificate. The process may vary from simple to complex depending on the requirements of the destination. Use the link below if you would like more information on traveling with your dog or cat