Senior Care

senior care

​​​​​​​Regular veterinary examinations are important for overall health at any age. Annual examinations are the norm, but more frequent exams may be needed, based on your pet's health. As a dog gets older, signs of potentially serious health problems are commonly overlooked by pet owners as "normal for an old dog." Some changes are to be expected with old age, some are not.

Learn to watch for, and differentiate between, normal and possible medical problems for your senior dog. It is much better to err on the side of caution and have anything new or unusual in your dog checked out as soon as possible. Older dogs don't usually have the reserve that younger dogs do, and time is critical. As always, if your pet is in pain, lethargic or simply not "normal," please give us a call to consult with our doctor regarding these changes. This is especially important for senior pets - they may hide illness better and they do not often have the health reserves they did as a younger animal.